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Deanna L.

Sep4th 2020

When I think of Dr. Aisling Linehan and Dr. Jim Tholany, I think of personalized care, constant support, knowledgeable, and professionalism.

Ian N.

Sep4th 2020

They helped me recover from shin splints, pulled groin, ankle mobility, and lower back issues from snowboarding falls. I went to them for a couple months, and they have me back to feeling 100%. This place is clean, amazing, and everyone is friendly. I would give them a 10 out of 5 stars, but I’m only able to give them the highest of 5 on Google.

Patty B.

Sep4th 2020

The entire group makes a fantastic team who work well together, are very joyful, and their goal is to help you to be at your best.