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Carole H.

Where you get your physical therapy matters. I had been in and out of physical therapy since 2016 at a different facility (same one the entire time) with minimal results and continued chronic pain, yet I continued out of convenience, believing that my condition was my new normal and fear of a new place not knowing my medical history. After some prodding by my doctor, I finally felt I had nothing to lose and would give Paragon a try and I am so happy I did. Jim was immediately able to figure out and target the underlying condition. With his knowledge and expertise I was able to be properly diagnosed and get a treatment plan to help me get my mobility and function back and become pain free. Paragon also brings passion and energy to their job everyday which helped me stay focused and on task. What they helped me achieve in four weeks is incredible. They have helped me restore my quality of life. If you are not getting the results you are seeking, don’t waste another minute, see Paragon Sport Spine & Wellness. You can get better.