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Brian R.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND PARAGON: The PT/ART/Chiropractic here is just different, in so many ways – individualized, changed based on my progression, best equipment, latest and greatest techniques, and willing to throw the kitchen sink at it to get you where you want to be. I couldn’t be happier with the service, progress, and results from my PT, ART, and Chiropractic therapy I got here – I wouldn’t be able to lift/hold my babies without them. I came to Paragon for my shoulder(s) with a torn labrum in the right shoulder and a surgically repaired labrum in the left shoulder. Right one was an old sports injury that I worked back to almost normal right after college, but the left one was torn like 50% – so surgery was a must. Was going to Penn because I had surgery there, but they told me my motion and strength was functional after some time and were willing to dismiss me – I had like 60-70% total motion and strength was ok, but they couldn’t come up with any way to get improvement and didn’t try anything outside traditional stuff. But I was nowhere near where I wanted to be or back to normal and I’m in my 30’s and an athlete so giving up after basic care and trying to dismiss me just wasn’t ok.

Jim worked with me and threw everything he knew at me to break through and get me FULL motion, back to benching 200lbs, and able to workout normally again. This type of care isn’t something you get from places now, most places don’t seem to care – they do. Call Paragon if you don’t want just basic care and actually want to get worked on by people who really care about getting you the results YOU want.