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Infrared Heat

Finding Relief with Infrared Treatments

Did You Know Infrared Technology Could Help You Live a Pain-Free Life?

There are many different treatment methods for relieving pain, and infrared treatments are an efficient and effective choice. Infrared treatments contain low-energy lasers that use light in the infrared spectrum. Because of this, infrared treatments are similar to laser treatments, but the infrared light poses different benefits.

If you are living with pain and have considered laser therapy, our infrared treatment services at Paragon Sport Spine & Wellness may be for you. Interested in learning more about the benefits? Contact us today!

How do infrared treatments work?

When going through infrared treatments, your physical therapist will apply flexible pads to your skin. Through these pads, a single wavelength of non-visible infrared light energy will be produced. Each pad consists of 60 infrared-emitting diodes.

Through infrared treatments, the release of nitric oxide is stimulated through the hemoglobin of your blood, thus dilating the blood cells and resulting in increased circulation, decreased swelling, and overall pain relief. 

Proven success of infrared treatment therapy

In a study published by the National Institutes of Health, the effects of infrared treatments on patients living with back pain was closely analyzed. The study, titled “Infrared therapy for chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled trial” closely followed 40 patients throughout the duration of their infrared treatments.

The results of this study were overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating a significant reduction in lower back pain over seven weekly sessions. The conclusion states:

“The IR therapy unit used was demonstrated to be effective in reducing chronic low back pain, and no adverse effects were observed.”

This is important to note, because when patients typically think of laser and/or infrared treatments, it can seem a bit daunting. The thought of that type of therapy can seem painful, but in reality it is a calming experience that can bring long-lasting relief.

Do you think infrared treatments could be for you?

Infrared treatments can be used for both acute and chronic pain. If you are living with pain and you think you could benefit from such treatments, don’t hesitate to contact Paragon Sport Spine & Wellness today at Robbinsville, NJ Center. We also serve our exceptional range of physical therapy solutions in nearby areas of Hamilton & Allentown, NJ.

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